Power Pass Not Available

I recently finished the quest to receive the power pass and claimed it ingame. I went to create my alt, which showed I had a Powerpass available. I proceeded to create a brand new alt character however was not able to use the power pass since I was presented with the “You do not have a Pass & therefore cannot use one” screen. I’ve attached the screen shot below which shows both that I hjave a Powerpass available, but was not able to redeem.

As u can see per the red circles:

  1. it says the powerpass is available
  2. it says the powerpass is not available therefore i cannot use it, contradicting #1
  3. the use button is greyed out and unhighlighted, therefore supporting #2 even tho #1 says i can use it. I only added this b/c of my of my post below regarding whether clicking the vern pass helps or not, b/c it does not.

Please consult on how I can fix this. Thank you.

update: edited post to signify the labels on #1-3 labels i mentioned above to provide more clarity and prevent misunderstanding so that we can receive better feedback/solutions that arent open ended.

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Server is: Azena, and yes ive tried clicking the Vera Pass to see it would select. I saw that as a troubleshoot/solution or workaround attempt on other posts as a solution for the same issue but it did not provide any help or solution.

I have the exact same problem. This is driving me mad!

just missing out on potential dailies which is making me fustrated. also want to switch main classes which is making me more objective on this topic so i just want to know what i can do to be able to make my second character on the same server be able to use the power pass. not asking for anything more of what was already promised or established as a feature in this game…

Yeah not being able to do alts for more resources really suck. Hope they fix this soon.

Please can a mod look at this

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Same problem here - also on Azena.

Same issue, still no update?

same issue - Sirius

have you actually redeemed the item you receive in game?

Same issue here - In my alt, i received an email and i claimed the second powerpass. I used the item, but when i create a second alt, it says the powerpass is available, but i cannot use it.

I’ve completed the north vern quest and yet was never mailed the power pass in-game.

Server: Azena
Character: Tedinator lvl 50 paladin

same for me on azena

Same problem, Server: Inanna

Same problem for me, how to fix this?

1 week later nobody addressed the issue …

Same here i didn’t check after doing the quest for a long time and now I want to make another character and realized i dont have it?

same issue - server: procyon Name: Oceangreen

If you redeemed it on the wrong character is lost, you need to take it on the char you need to level otherwise is lost because it is untradable.

that is because you reddened it on you first alt, if so it is lost.