Power pass not restored

hello, the lost power pass punika gift ticket that I used in my character that came with the previous update still hasn’t come back. You said it will come back when normal power passes are active. When will my lost power pass punika ticket come back? Everyone used the power pass ticket you gifted. Why can’t I use it?
Server: Kadan
Character name : Armegeddon

Hello there @Goldendawn, welcome back to the Lost Ark forums.

Sorry to hear you’re having issue with your powerpass. As mentioned in the Update to Disabled Powerpasses, free Powerpasses including the Punika and Vern Powerpasses should now be re-enabled. Please keep in mind that to unlock the Punika Powerpass you will first have to complete the questline starting with “Where memories begin” and ending with “Berver’s Friend” in Punika. To use your free powerpass:

  1. Go to the Character Select screen and select the character you want to use the Powerpass on, then click the Powerpass button.
  2. You should then be able to click on the Punika Pass or Vern pass and after that click the “Use Powerpass” button to apply it to your character.

Please let me know if you can do this or if you have any issue with this process.

Hope this helps!

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i have the same problem

Hey there @Hajerr!

Sorry to hear you’re also having this issue, can you confirm for me if you already completed the prerequisite quests mentioned above and received the Powerpass ticket in your in-game mail?

yes, I completed the quest and had already claimed the powerpass but did not use it, and now I can’t use it.

Same issue here as above. Have not recieved compensation or the pass yet. Quest done and recieved the pass in the past when it was disabled

Hello @Hajerr and @Duk,

@Hajerr Is it giving you an error message or is not showing up at all?

@Duk For the compensation it is being sent out today, here is the update:

Hope this helps!

is not showing up at all

same my friend is also having this problem when punika pass was given the 1st time he claimed the item and consumed it but never powerpassed an alt and now its not showing for him

Thanks for the update in this case as the pass itself is missing I would recommend you to contact us directly so we can investigate what happened with it, here is the contact information:

Hope this helps!

hello my problem is solved. Thank you for your help. @Fanduh @Fostus

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