Power Pass not to leveling to 50

I used the Power Pass on my level 12 char and she turned 34! Isn’t she supposed to be 50?

keep doing the quests…

For how long? I’d have to manually level up to 50 from 34 via quests? I’ve already manually played a char to 50. I don’t want to do the same quests all over again.

Nope the quests you get when you log in after power pass will gt you to 50, you just need to keep following it

@icesabel Follow whatever is written on your screen. You need to cast “Song of Trixion” go to Trix and left screen up its telling you if you want to skip the story.

You have the options of doing the quests and get the rewards from doing them. Or alternatively in the top left you should have a skip option, which will boost you straight to 50. I had the same confusion the other day when I used the powerpass.

Ah okay. Got it. Thanks all!