Power Pass Punika

Good afternoon, Punika’s Powerpass comes with Hyper Express right? I activated the Express and did all the missions to get the materials, but today I missed this Punika Pass after wanting to level up a new character. know if it was a bug or if the pass is in the account somewhere.

Thank you for your attention.

Hey there @AbaddooN Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

To unlock the free Punika Powerpass you will first have to complete the Punika continent story quest on at least one character, and then complete the questline starting with “Where memories begin” and ending with “Berver’s Friend” in Punika (Purple sidequests). After that, you should receive the Powerpass in your in-game mail on the character you completed these quests on.

To use your free Powerpass in case you already claimed it from your inventory:

  1. Go to the Character Selection screen and select the character you want to use the Powerpass on, then click the Powerpass button.
  2. You should then be able to click on the Punika Pass and after that click the “Use Powerpass” button to apply it to your character.

Hope this helps!

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to add to what Fanduh said the hyper express is the 2nd event that goes hand in hand with the power pass its to be used on either your power passed character to fast track it to 1445 OR you can use it on another character.

But you can only change the character once after you pick the character to use it on


Thank you very much, I managed to get Punika’s Powerpass.

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Thank you very much for the tip I will think about how to use the materials and hyper express.