Power Pass should not complete Shushire region and roster quests

Power Pass is supposed to complete side quests and main quests up to North Vern. Following the normal MSQ, we would not have arrived at Shushire before completing North Vern, but Power Pass will complete Shushire quests too.

The Power Pass should not complete roster quests without giving the rewards because it is not character specific but across the whole roster. I just lost 3 regions worth of roster quest rewards (Arthetine, North Vern, Shushire)


Missing out on those rewards actually feels kind of devastating. I know it’s not a whole lot, but some of those things are one-time. Like I permanently have a lower overall value in Kindness for example by missing out on that potion.

same, I have checked that I lost Arthetine and Shushire roster quest rewards @Roxx

This is game breaking news to me. I did use power pass asap and found it weird that it skipped the shushire roster quests for my account. Didn’t even think that I did not get the rewards from those. I’ve been trying to farm the rats in shushire for a skill potion questline and now I wonder if that is blocked from me too and I should give up farming the rats.

Honestly, the best possible fix would be enabling all the quests which don’t have account wide rewards enabled yet and people could go do them if they want. Should be relatively easy to implement if the rewards are tracked somehow (e.g. for showing in Codex).