Power Pass Wrong Server

Is there any way to refund a power pass I thought they were roster specific not account specific so used them on a server that I don’t intend on playing on as much , one of them I actually created a character and used the power pass, the other power pass is simply redeemed to that server waiting for a character to use it on. I am hoping to be able to delete the character the power pass was used on and redeem both power passes on Galatur server instead of Zosma.

Hello, @Aeonstrife and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m sorry to hear you claimed a power pass on another server.

At this moment, this can’t be undone, even if you delete the character with the power pass on it.

What about the one I redeemed but hasn’t been used on a character yet?

Once you claim your power pass in a server it’s locked to that server.

Well that is really unfortunate.