Power Passes are not cross server - How to you expect people to transfer servers?

I obtained my powerpasslast night for completing the North Vern story line. Hopeful that it was cross server as my friends have been forced to play on a different server due to the insance ques on Zinnervale making it unplayable for them.

I have not claimed it as I know it is only once per account. I see no way of redeeming this cross server despite statements by the Community Manager Roxx and referred to by other devs. @Roxx If there has been a misunderstanding please just come out and tell the community, the silence on if this is cross server or not and how to activate it is deafening. Please give a further official statement either stating how this is cross server or declaring it is not!!! The silence is unaccetable.

If Amazon and smilegate expect people to move servers in the EU things like powerpasses NEED to be cross server. Nobody is grinding through 20 hours worth of story again, it will quite simply spoil the enjoyment of the game at this point whilst their friends do the end game. I have no clue how Amazon expect people to move to this new region of EU servers without Character transfers or at the very least a powerpass and transfer of market items. Nobody is going to move happily or at all.

What is this insanity Amazon?!? Please solve before people become even more commited to servers and have no way of swapping.

For reference