Powerpass bugged cant use

Powerpass says Available and when i try to use it, it says i don’t have it. I have claimed it in game

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Me too. It was said that we would get two power pass. But I got only one and I do all the requiriment for the two power pass. Please help!

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I have this issue as well, I have a ticket open through amazon support but still no fix. Posting in forums incase there’s a chance someone in technical is checking here. I used my powerpass ingame, I checked my main character screen the next day and the “Use” button is grayed out, saying I don’t have a powerpass available. I did the Elayn’s Gift quest to unlock chaos dungeons (pre-requisite for the first powerpass) and it doesn’t exist in my inventory or mailbox and I can’t apply one to my account as proof I already claimed it. Please fix this issue! I’d love to make an alt to play with a freshly leveled friend.

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bump I am also having the same problem

please fix it. Its so annoying

Same Issue. I just used my first one and completed the Adventure Mode or whatever but not seeing the 2nd one. Character select shows Power Pass available but then says I don’t have one. Checked mail on Main and the fresh boosted and nothing.

Same issue here. Its so frustrating

Still bugged. It says that I have a powerpass (even two) but then it shows blank spaces after you enter your character. It is the most fun aspect of this game to try other characters and it is bugged. In such circumstances I consider time on my main as wasted. If no response or fix to this bug I will stay away from this title.

Sadly, you’re experiencing this issue.

This thread is dated and probably unrelated.