Powerpass comedy show

It’s actually hilarious. People stating they shouldnt read patch notes. Ppl seeing in game the expiration date of the pass. But they are acussing of a visual bug xD. So what it showed no limit on char select window. U decided to risk it. Ur decided not to read a patch note. Congrats. Keep at it this its actually hilarious im takin small breaks to see how ppl complain xD


I dont even understand half your post but if something ingame says “expiration date: unlimited” I believe its unlimited.

Sry that I dont follow twitter, facebook, tiktok and what not…


“No Limit” or “Unlimited” generally means what the words mean.

If there isn’t a large banner in game stating it was a mistake you should not expect your players to have to rely on social media to get accurate information about your game.


Yes if you follow Roxx and the forums you’d know about the pass expiring.

So … that rules out 90% of the playerbase at least.

Plus it was a KNOWN BUG for what? A whole month?

Smilegate just never prioritized fixing it.

How come people keep referring to it as social media/twitter/obscure outer sources mainly used for advertising. This is regarding patch notes that you generally have to read to know what even changed in the game on updates.
Also they are not a source you have to find as it is a big banner that says “Major Update” on steam thats infront of you when you launch the game


I would hazard to guess more than half of the people playing the game do not open Steam and read patch notes.

Hell I haven’t even bothered to read them fully yet and I play every day.

It isn’t an excuse I agree, but also having the in-game text incorrect for over a month is kind of inexcusable as well

This doesn’t impact me, I used my PP already. But I can understand some folks fustration.


yep never said it should not have been fixed I’m just clarifying certain things people are being a bit disingenuous about like making it seem like it was an obscure hard to find source that was hidden

Well yeah people seeing an opening to try and beg for free stuff so they’re gonna make a go at it

What’s really annoying me is BR/Cube still being broken. That’s my normal reset day activity is to burn through those on all my characters.

I may never financially recover from this delay.


I used my punika pass on my level 1 assassin to make a reaper weeks ago, and after todays patch it is no longer power passed and is gone.

wait what? this is interessting. worked with scouter no it is “fixed”? :confused:

It’s good for anybody who is/was all wise about the topic. BUT insinuating that the loss of a service that was wrongfully labeled and by their own admission “bugged” is on par with begging for free stuff is undermining the problem and also pure conjecture that only makes it more frustrating to not have Amazon own up to their mistakes or provide a solution. It’s a simple loss for anybody affected. Now lets be real, do I believe there will actually be a resolution found? No, from what I experienced now and saw on on threads it’s been a recurring problem, which makes it all the more reasonable to speak up rather than resigning to the fact that it happened before, many people got a t-shirt already.


Social media? Why are you refering on patch notes as social media? It was written in the patch note, that it will expire at October 26. It was on the ticket itself, that it will expire on October 26.

The previous powerpass had an expiration date and the next powerpass will have an expiration date too.

I actually read the patch notes and understood that it expires on 10/26. When I redeemed the power pass, on my character selection screen it said “expiration: no limit”, so fuck me, but I thought this meant it wouldn’t expire since I had used it. Seeing as how the patch notes said 10/26 and in game it said expiration no limit, I thought this meant I had redeemed it and now I was in the clear. I even thought they did this intentionally for people that wanted to save it.

They put false information in their game, plain and simple. Whether or not this was a “visual bug” is besides the point. Some players even bought an extra character slot, expecting to use this power pass at a later date. Then they have the audacity to gaslight their players with ‘iT wAs In ThE pAtCh NoTeS’. This is the kind of shit that drives players away.


Altho I used my PP on time, I also agree it’s a misinformation.

From my point of understanding, you had time to use PP till 26.10.22 or it would “expire”, rendering it useless. Having using it and going to Character Screen you were prompted with a message “expiration: no limit”.

That’d indicate I managed to use my PP before expiration date.

However, by not finishing the power lvl process on your chosen character it would seem the power pass wasn’t fully used, thus, after 26.10.22 making it useless.

It’s a total B.S on AGS part for leaving such an important item visually bugged.

I can fully understand the complains.


What if something like this appear:

Paid Punika Powerpass in patch notes: 5500 Royal Crystal
In game Pirce: 550 Royal Crystal
But after you buy it you pay: 5500 Royal Crystal

Will you just said it, it’s okay because it have already said in patch notes and it’s only a visual bug?


Hopefully, they don’t wait until next week’s maintenance to fix it.

iirc it’s a known bug/error since Feiton Powerpass, in character selection every powerpass will always say “expiration date: unlimited” which is false

I believe the only powerpass that doesn’t expire are the Vern powerpasses you get after finishing North Vern

Every other powerpass will expire after a month or two, depending on what is said in the update notes, and will never be ‘unlimited’ as wrongfully stated in the menu screen

Also on a side note, “using” a powerpass means selecting a character and applying the powerpass, not just clicking on the item in your Inventory

Well thats not the same thing.

Also you are prepared to pay 5500 royal crystal, but they fucked up and you now got it for 550.

They wont and cant deduct you more later.

Do you actually launch the game from there ?


It also said used before Oct 26. No where did it states that I have to use it on a character as well.
I got the pass. I click on it and use it. Than it show unlimited on my screen. Therefore, I get to keep it for as long as I like!