Powerpass cross server

The powerpass is limited to 2 per region, it can be obtained on different servers, however it cannot be used on servers other than the one obtained

In my opinion, that doesn’t make sense.

I, like other players, at least Brazilians, started playing on another server with the intention of switching to the “main server”, I read several reports of the same situation in which 1 powerpass was obtained on server A and another on server B, and it’s not possible to use 2 powerpass on an A or B server, and it’s not fair to have to play on separate servers with totally separate economies, besides it doesn’t make sense and progress is worthless

I believe it’s more than logical and fair that the powerpass can be used on different servers in the same region, since you can’t get more than 2 per region

I have a powerpass stored in my inventory in the hope that my request will come true or there is some way to move it to the other server described in the post I didn’t received second powerpass

Agreed on the point of being able to use 1 power pass on one server, and the other on another server. I think if the power pass can be delivered through product inventory instead of mail, it should resolve that.

In terms of economy, correct me if I’m wrong but the auction house spans server wide. ie if you’re in SA region, and there are 3 servers A, B, C. Players from all 3 servers will see the same auction house and list items to the same auction house. Player from A can list, player from C can buy, etc.