Powerpass dont work? Here is How to fix it :)

For all of you that think your Powerpass dont work by clicking it on your Main Charakter in the Character Overview.
YOU have to create a new Char after that you can use the Powerpass on the new Char in the Character Selection!
This works also for the Second Powerpass! > Create New Character and after use the Pass on the New Char!


Somebody actually in?

<> True please don’t waste your power pass it’s to level your alt to level 50 instantly don’t use on your main

You cant use it on your Main thats why all People think they have a Problem with the Powerpass!

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I don’t intend to use the Powerpass for a while. Doing so would slow the progression of my Roster and give fewer items (ability stones, engraving books, etc…). Plus it means I will be less prepared to actually play that class.

To be honest, I’m enjoying the leveling process and the story. Later on that will change and then I can resort to a Powerpass.

Holding on the Powerpass will slow you down significantly.

Each Lv50 alt translates to x2 rewards per day. You’re meant to use them to bypass the lockouts. Roster EXP you’re getting pre-50 are meaningless compared to what you get post 50.

Also, the Powerpass doesn’t make you Lv50 instantly. You will go through an enhanced leveling process and replay key parts of the game, which will teach you how to play your new class to begin with.

So yea. You really can’t get around the benefits of the Powerpass. It is essential and by far the best feature in the game, because the alts are required for proper progression.

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Doesn’t work for me on my alts.

Says powerpass available. When I try to use it, it tells me I don’w have a pass. Wich is utter bull…

Same issue here - trying to powerpass my alt - says i have a powerpass but then when i click on it, it says you do not have a pass :frowning: