Powerpass Doubt

So now that they are re-gifting founder pack to people to go to play on another server with their friends,when i lvl up to 50 manually and get the mission to the power pass would i be able to get the pass or no,cause it doesnt make sense to just give us the bare minimun.

Im not the only one asking for this,i think this should be adressed as fast as possible



I would also like to know, Iā€™m fine restarting not that I should have to but I would at least like to get my power passes back and the twitch prime loot as well as the drops

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Thats what im asking,we are not asking for much we are asking for a fresh wipe for who ever decide to change server,im on zinnervale used 1 power pass and claimed the other 1,to whoever decide to change server they should get back the twitch stuff and the power pass