Powerpass Feiton

Hello guys,
I have couple of classes in T1-T2-T3 , I completed Punika story line, and I waited for Glavier and I found about the powerpass to Feiton, I received the email from Lost ark with the powerpass inside, and I click use it and then I wanted to powerpass my Sorceress to Feiton, but unfortunately my powerpass is not available to use, is this a bug? Anyone had this issue to apply the powerpass?
I created a ticket on support team but already pass an 1 wekl now ans did not reply with any of information regarding this issue or not?
I am curious if they care about this issues or not? And why they did not reply to any of my ticket
And if we pay for Ark pass and crystalline aura we should have a support to fix this problem.
If any of CM see this message pleased help with this, I thought was a bug and waiting for 1 week but still cannot use my powerpass to Feiton.
Best regards.

I was able to use mine fine. Did you apply it on character selection screen?

Yes, I try but it’s saying I don’t have any :slight_smile: