Powerpass fiasco

Work with Smilegate. Get us a powerpass for every class launch. Make it right. I can’t keep justifying these mistakes. It has come down to communication every single time, you have not learned.

  1. Argos
  2. Roadmap
  3. Express Mission Event
  4. Powerpasses

Please. For the love of Arkesia. I have given you guys the benefit of the doubt every step of the way but I’m just so tired.

What was the communication issue with the power pass? They never said one was coming nor did they hint one would be coming…they did stay silent but that should have been enough to make people be cautious and wait for more info. Instead, this community is full of glorified junkies who need their insta high so they used it up and are now complaining. The junkies are so bad that Smilegate could release an actual rock as a character that doesn’t even do anything and the junkies would pay for a new character slot and then use up a pass on it…then complain afterward about it.

I mean, I agree that a pass should come with every class simply because both companies claim they want everyone in T3 as fast as possible and don’t want to pressure players to pay to progress so releasing a pass with each class helps that. Of course, they really don’t mean it and are just gaslighting. What they really want are people to get frustrated enough with doing stuff they hate over and over and will then whip out their wallets and swipe to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Argos was only partially a communication issue.

The Super Express Mission Event was mostly a user not-reading problem. The other part wasn’t communication, the fact that you were able to select it on your main is a coding problem. The patch notes explicitly stated that it was for characters BELOW 1100 ilvl. The fact that you could claim it on any character 1100+ is a coding issue.

Did you really just gaslight the playerbase while accusing Amazon of gaslighting the playerbase in the same post?

Also, the Feiton power pass had a 7 day expiration date when it was released. This wasn’t a fucking player problem, this was a “use it now or lose it” problem, because just like the Super Express, the coding is/was fucked up.

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Don’t worry guys who used all your passes to level alts, to sell hours of earned mats for a fight that shouldn’t be here this soon (Valtan hard), you guys will be able to play with bots. Yeah the bots @OP forgot to mention as a mistake. It’s not hard to ban bots for Smilegate.