Powerpass for Destroyer

Is there any Informations about powerpass for Destroyer?
Every other Region got powerpasses with each class.


My opinion is that they should give powerpass for it since the current update has had so many misinformations and problems


True thats a Good point. They really messed up the communication for that Potential Good Update.

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If it’s like the other region (and i think it will be like the other region), there was a boost each time a new class was release

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No idea but the powerpass doesnt run out until june so I expect there not to be one. If there is a powerpass every character then you could knowledge transfer 9 characters, vern powerpass 2, feiton powerpass 1, level up 1 main. So technically we would only need to level up 2 extra characters through main story to get all classes? Oh and we got express event for another 50 whether we knowledge transfered or levelled.

yeah, but thats how other regions went, so why changing a running system? we deserve the same treatment…

It’s not 100% set in stone apparently that we’d get a power pass with every class release. While they did it in all other regions, it seems like AGS doesn’t know if the same will be applied, else we wouldn’t be waiting 5 days now for an actual answer.

one month later, maybe we will get a punika pass lol

They better make it a 1302 pass, minimum. Imagine they actually release Valtan in May (:'D) and Destroyer starts at 960.

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Russia got PAID powerpasses with each class. Not free ones. Just making sure the information stays accurate since I know most people want it for free. Only sorc came with a free pass afaik.

I dont care if the pass is free or purchasable for real money. I just want one.