Powerpass for Destroyers

Ong I’ll start fresh with scouter why not

Because people like you do NOT deserve a powerpass, simply for not knowing how to wait for the next month that the destroyer was coming. And on top of that you use both, powerpass and express, you are an special case.

I never said I was entitled to it. I also stated that I don’t even need it. It’s something that I want and I’m not the only one. Name one good reason to NOT give a powerpass upon new character releases

I’m literally not a special case. The forums are very obviously flooded with posts that are exactly like this one.


I just did
They don’t have to
You’re clearly mad
Maybe you should figure out why. I have a hard time believing the lack of a destroyer power pass has you this tilted

Not to mention you have 7 characters t3

It’s wild to me that you would like people to be progressing Valtan on main and fighting ur’nil on an alt and think that’s not actively going against people’s experience

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It’s not for me to consider what makes sense regarding other people’s experience

You’re just on here demanding a power pass
It’s just silly

If ur justified then I should also have a 1415 power pass so I can do the new legion raid

Honestly, if your account is in good standing I’m all for you and everyone else getting boosted up to 1415 to enjoy the game. There seems to be some weird obsession with “I had to work for it so now everyone must suffer” here in America. Bro, I just want people to be able to play and enjoy the game, and I’m including myself in that. The barrier to entry is high and I have plenty friends who I’d love to play with but they haven’t put in the work to do so. I don’t care personally, but a lot of people would be mad for some reason that people are having fun.


The major difference between what you’re asking for and what I am, though, is that I’m saying amazon screwed up in communication (which they openly stated). I dont even care what the boost is to, it can be another feiton or whatever. Why demand players start from the beginning?

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I agree with the OP. Amazon have done a terrible job communicating.
It was very clear the community was expecting a power pass, so then not giving them one is terrible.
They should have given more warning, or given the power pass.
The current situation, of only apologizing, is not acceptable. They continue to do a bad job of communicating, this is just the latest example of that.


saying sorry wont make destro go to t3


we really need another pass…2 obvious reason

  • Lack of Communication from amazon
  • Power Pass had a visual bug displaying it would expire in 1 week, so most people used the pass

A simples fix would be either communicating when glaivier arrived saying to save the powerpass if we want to use it on destroyer or just give another powerpass with 2 months to use in destroyer and the next class…


I’m in the same boat, don’t need Destroyer, doubt i’d main it but I want it and don’t want to level up (for the 3rd time) or go through T1 and most of T2 again. That said I’d be perfectly fine with either adding more charges to Vern Knowledge Transfer (i’ve used all 9) or adding a Feiton Powerpass to the store, limit them to one monthly if need be.

To be fair, no one needed any of them. They could require every new character to start from level 1, remove every roster bound item, and make honing take far, far, far longer. Those would all just be really dumb things to do and make the game worse. Just like not giving out a pass with each character release.

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They did, but not directly as most people wanted.
Didn’t explicitly tell us no powerpass for in May. No Vykas in May. No Kakul in May. They didn’t do any of that.
But the roadmap did advertise powerpass in April, while no mention of it in May.

I don’t think needing to tell the community what is not coming is a mistake on their part. They really only need to tell us what is planned. Even then, they don’t need to tell us everything either. Like how they didn’t reveal Neria’s wardrobe in the roadmap. The roadmap is like a promise made to us and to keep them on track, so it makes no sense to even fault them for something they didn’t promise.
Of course, they could have still went out of their way to tell us. But it’s not something they should do just because the community likes to make assumptions and speculations.
The expiration glitch for the powerpass, however, was on them. I’m sure not a few players used the powerpass in a panic. Players who used and regret it are also partially at fault for not clarifying it before doing anything rash. Bugs are not uncommon in games after all. Especially not this one, from what we’ve seen so far.

Idiots like you don’t even know why people used their PP last month? Did you follow the situation oe are you just throwing some random BS with the few braincells you have left?

shhhh dog

They can’t just say sorry and that’s it. That would be empty and leaves us to deal with their mistake. Sure we can deal with it but this makes the company look extra bad. Honestly, these little things of them saying sorry for x,y,z messup, but we’re not going to do anything about it or give some compensation is why I haven’t bought anything from them. Not even premium ark pass, skins or platinum pack. They just suck and I enjoy the game but them running it significantly gives a lot of unenjoyable stuff

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I agree with the OP and whoever is bashing him and others for wanting the power pass are just *****. You guys realize that having another power pass benefit ALL of us, you dont have to use it on destroyer. What wrong with you.

They have admitted that they missed the mark with communication though, oh ohh you want compensation as well for using both express and powerpass on the same character? Oopsie