Powerpass from when the arcanist was released

Hello, when the Arcanist was released we were given a power pass to get a character to 1302 punika I read mine but didn’t use it because I had thought about what character I wanted to use it on. I paid 8 dollars to open up a slot for a new character to level to 1302 with this power pass, and now when I look the power pass is gone. I haven’t used it and I won’t get to use the hyper express because I would have to power pass or level a toon from 0 - 1302 again. I was hoping I could have the power pass I was given to level my alt I wanted to use the power pass I was given for the event.

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Hey there @BellCrannel1415, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

At the moment, Powerpasses are disabled while the team investigates an issue related to them. My apologies for the inconvenience.

More details here: Powerpasses Temporarily Disabled.

We will let you know once powerpasses are re-enabled.

Let me know if anything else, stay safe!

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they better be a good compensation for all the trouble u cause us. we aint setteling for not less than a free punika. then where good. and maybe some crystaline aura as well.

they probably waiting for the new raid to come out on korea. before they fix our problem in WEST :frowning: thats the only thing i can think off. its impossible that it takes them this long to fix it. specially no updates no nothing. it kinda make sense they waiting for the akkan release before trying to fix our problems here. IM SURE

Hey Everybody, Just passing by to bring you updates on the Powerpass in case you missed it: