Powerpass gear which one?

So with this punika power pass we will get shoved to 1340 ilvl but im wondering are we going to get argos/oreha gear which starts at 1340 or are we getting 1302 gear at +9 which is 1340 ilvl.

just kinda wanna double check what people think and if maybe @Roxx could clearify. Im kinda expecting 1302 blue gear at +9 but if its actually argos/oreha gear then you wouldnt need to get honor leapstone/simple oreha fusion material.

Would be nice to know but i think somewhere it was mentioned it would be the “CHOSEN” 1340 set (+0).

for the power pass no it hasnt been mentioned but for the story express they said you would get argos gear.

but if both are argos gear then why wouldnt it also be stated in the part about power pass and if not why is one argos but the other isnt?

This is something I’d also like clarification on. As far as I’m aware, Punika passes normally give blue chaos dungeon gear. However, legendary gear is technically classified as the 1340 gear. This is important because it’s the difference between needing to specifically get some green fusion mats/normal honor leapstones and going straight into great honors.

Its going to be chosen gear most likely

1302 gear +9 while does get you to 1340 isnt normally referred to at 1340 gear.

1340 gear typically means the base gear score for that gear.

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Most definitely not Argos gear, since you can’t get that pre-1370.

Could be the Chosen gear. That’s cool.

Story express gives argos gear when you Hit 1340 so?

Why wouldn’t the power pass be able to?


I didn’t know. Well, let’s hope so, then

Just go to artist academy post and read about story express or scroll up and look at the screenshot

can a CM here please check and clear up, if there will be really argos gear as (final ?) reward for the story express ?.. and if so, what type will it be, or do we get the currency to buy it ?

in addition i would also like to know, if the new punika powerpass will have the same reward, as its now also 1340 and not 1302 as it was usually.

thanks :slight_smile:

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