Powerpass gone while it said it had no expire date?

I was holding it because of that and today its gone


really, i cant even trust in-game text?


You had on the ticket description that he will expire 26.10

same issue. lost it. i expected it to be here as least as long the the hyperexpress pass… why is it so hard to put the correct date in the main menu?!

i feel cheated

before you redeem it, the ticket show it will expired at 26.10

yeah, the ticket expires then, but once its used, it should have no limit, as shown in above screenshot, but what do i expect, game is severely mismanaged, cant even trust the texts they show ingame.


All you guys saying the event ticket description showed it will expire 26.10 is IRRELEVANT, the final result and bottom line is that upon consuming / right clicking the ticket resulted in our login screen showing the exact text “Punika Pass Expiration Date : No Limit”

This is totally misleading and our passes have been unfairly removed.


Ez come ez go

Same happened here but the problem is I also didn’t use the Powerpass we received when previous class released. That Powerpass also had in-game expiration date but my powerpass didn’t expire when the time came. Why does both of my powerpasses expire now?

This is ridiculous… I hope its a mistake and will be fixed. If this is done knowingly you, the AGS, proved once again that you can’t be trusted by players at all…


Support replied to me, will keep you up to date if i get another response

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Hope this gets fixed. They’ve confirmed that this is just a visual bug but they had literal WEEKS to fix it but now we’re being punished for “saving pass for a class I like”. Sad

wasnt even saving it for another class. just expected it to last as long as the express pass, as the express pass actually promotes this power pass in the UI.

Have the same issue, I consumed it to make sure I could keep it for when a new class I wanted could get it.
Hope they fix it.

there in the bottom right. so the powerpass expiring before 11/16 is just wrong.


Visual bugs are giving out misinformation! 99.99% of the players will use the power pass if they know they’re gonna expire.

I feel cheated out of $50 here. I would have pre-applied the pass to Trixion character… I was delaying because I debated on names. The impression was either 11/16 expiration or no expiration, but certainly not 10/26 maintenance.


That’s the Express event not the power pass event it’s not the same

Ohhh cool. So how can we know what date is correct? You want me to rember date that wasa written on item 1 month ago? How can i know that it was not a “date of use”, and then it became forever powerpass. It looked like it, it was written “no expirationdate” so give us our powerpass back.


Me too.

I assumed obviously incorrectly that you had to use it and then it would be available. Very annoying to lose it.

Not even a reminder to people to use or lose in the news of course as people who really need one will now have to pay for it.


Well he consumed the ticket before expiration date, haven’t he?

The end result, you can see on the picture.
Limited to Kadan server. Expiration Date: No Limit.


Immagine 2022-10-26 203626