Powerpass is missing

@Helianthus I too am having a similar issue. I have completed the necesary quest line in North Vern and Completed Ealyn’s Gift. I haven’t used any powerpasses yet. When I’m at my character selection screen the game says I have a powerpass available above my main characters name, but when I click to use powerpass it says I don’t have one and haven’t completed the quest, which I have confirmed that I have. I’m on server Danube and IGN Symmettra.

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@Helianthus was able to fix the issue using your workaround above. Thank you

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@Helianthus I was just browsing the forums about the powerpass issues and found out some information. To get things clarified my first server was Inanna leveled up 2 characters on that and claimed my powerpass there, then i switched servers to Neria which is on the same region as Inanna (EU Central) Correct me if i’m wrong but the powerpasses are roster bound not account bound am i right? Some say its account bound and 2 powerpasses per account some say its roster bound and you can get another 2 if you level up a different character on a different server in the same region. Can you clarify this?

waiting to hear this response as well, I have also used both powerpasses on my first server. Now on a new server I havent seen a powerpass after reaching the required lvl and quest progression.

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Power Passes are limited to 2 per region (2 on US-West, 2 on US-East, 2 on EU-Central,2 on EU- West, 2 on SA-East) as regions are treated as separate “accounts” . Within those regions, using a power pass will automatically grant you a second one that can only be used on that specific world that you used the first on. One caveat is if you do not use your first powerpass, you can level to max on a separate world within the same region and get a powerpass. However, when you do this, using that powerpass will not grant you a second to use as you have hit your region max of 2 but split it over two worlds.

@Reaperr please try all the steps mentioned on the above comments and check,

I hope this helps.

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@Helianthus any idea of where and when I will be contacted about this? I logged in today to the character I USED the powerpass on and the one I GOT the powerpass on and still do not have it in my mailbox.

On the character I used it on, I skipped the story in Trixion because I had already done the Great Wall quest and was planning on doing it with the second character I want to use a powerpass on.

Also for future power passes I have not been able to locate any in the store… is there something I am missing there?

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The power-pass comes in via in game mail once pre-requisites have been completed. And you will find it in inventory and character selection screen.

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If the issue is still persisting, kindly contact live support to raise individual tickets for your respective accounts. If required, provide this forum link so that they are aware that all pre-requisites and troubleshooting has been done.

Kindly use the link below:

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So according to the Amazon’s live chat support once you claim your powerpass ticket on a “server” it stays on that server like permamently because its sent there. And if you switch servers on the same region you will not get another powerpass even though you didn’t use the first one to boost any character whatsoever. And since the regions are considered “Accounts” in this game 2 powerpasses per “Region/Account” Long story short dont claim your powerpass ticket if you are unsure of which server you wanna play. Otherwise you might wanna start leveling your alts manually :frowning:


I used the 1st one but never got a 2nd one via mail after completing the adventurers path on my alt

@Helianthus So service was able to determine that my Bard which I also naturally progressed was warded the second power pass. Note to all players: whatever character is your second character to hit 50, natural or power pass, the second power pass will be given to that character.

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So you’re saying it’s twice per region not per server? It was my understanding that the power passes were roster bound not bound to a region. At least the wording of the pass when i had used it in another server for a couple characters sounded as such. But if it is only usable once per region, that would make sense why I didn’t receive another in my second server playing. Please advise.
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The powerpass is limited to 2 per region. So if you received one powerpass in, suppose, EU Central, you will receive the other in EU Central as well.

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I have completed the required quests, Run a Steam integrity Check, Created a New Character on a different server and still have no Power Pass token email.
How do I open a Ticket

I’ve done my quests and got the powerpass ticket i right clicked and then used it but i cant find it on my main screen. Would be so glad if u can help

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I am sorry to know that you are not able to find the powerpass on main screen.

Currently the powerpasses are temporarily disabled. Kindly read the topic here for complete information.

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Any new inkling of an day/week that they’ll come back? I see my friends frolicking in the fields with their new alternate character, getting so far ahead on their new characters. Oh how I regret not using my pass immediately.

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I request you to kindly follow the link or the official news section.

Any new information will be updated in this section.

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