Powerpass is server locked not region wide?

The title, even though i got info from the forums here that powerpasses are going to be region-wide, after redeeming one i can’t use it on different server in the same region. I also saw contradicting info here saying that powerpasses are supposed to be server-locked. So is there any hope for powerpasses becoming region-wide like GM here said so or i grinded my a** off for 8 hours just now for nothing? i just want to skip to 50 on new server with friends man :frowning:

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got the info from here:

Similar story here :confused: have a friend who redeemed powerpass on server thinking it could be applied to another server because of this info from @Roxx . What to do?

i don’t think we are getting this resolved…

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I also am in the same boat. I really dont want to re-level a new char on a new server just to play with friends.

Can we please get clarification on this? Of everything that has happened so far this is really killing my will to play, I don’t want to have to spend another 20 hours going through the campaign again…

There has been very little communication today… did most of AGS just decide to take the weekend off? even when they decided to launch a highly awaited MMO on a friday.

Yeah…I had to step away because I was so frustrated. Roxx specifically said they could be used on any server within the region. I don’t know why that’s not the case but it’s totally screwing over a lot of players.

Would be really interesting. it is not possible that @Roxx says one thing here: Https://forums.playlostark.com/t/lost-ark-launch-update-compensation/78904 - #53 by Roxx and then we are stuck on one server. Community and IT need to get their things together before they hand out information

Still waiting to hear something on this…

Waiting and waiting and waiting…

Question about the Power Pass - #7 by Roxx There you go