Powerpass issue due to server switch

switched from zinner to another eu central server when you sugested that during the first weekend before you came up with the whole eu west thing… by doing so i lost my powerpasses (they are stuck on zinner becuse i used one) i have 2 lvl 50 on my new server so can i get them back (new powerpass) since you said that we will get compensated for switching to help with ques… so far ive lost gold, crystals and time for doing as you said and all i want back is my powerpass

They already stated multiple times new power passes will not be reissued.

Yes and im saying i want it back since they said switch server and you will get your stuff on the new server but they did not deliver, ive seen alot of players that was tricked to switching only to find out that they lost their powerpasses for nothing… feels bad to pay for a game and not get what you paid for, first headstart unplayable then beeing tricked in to throwing powerpass away… why not make it 1/server instead of account when they ask people to switch servers becuse they messed up by going back and forth about how powerpass works. Fine if i lost the one i used on zinner, still not right but ok but i lost both becuse of bad comuncation and missinformation from their part so all im asking is give me what i paid for atleast

Check this:

Yeah this is so bad, but thats also why as many people as posible have to speak up in the forums, otherwise there is no chance for a change from them