Powerpass Issue help

Hey so I’m reading other tickets and realize that power passes are disabled but it allowed me to use mine in-game before I realized they were disabled and now I don’t have it in my inventory anymore and it says I have one, but when I go to select the character to use it on it obviously is disabled.

just wait until the power passes are available again

Hey there @Good_comms, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

As you noticed, powerpasses are disabled, so they wont show up, even if you used yours.

As @Pinkmiss mentioned (thanks a lot for your contribution btw), we just need to wait until they solve the issue related with them so they become available again.

Here’s an official announcement in case you need it: Powerpasses Temporarily Disabled.

Let me know if you need help with anything else.


Powerpasses that were used but not completed do still show up in the character selection screen. (I have 2 characters that had a powerpas started but unfinished before powerpases got disabled).

But I am not sure if we can/are allowed to complete them. Are we?
(If not the characters are basically unplayable atm, since they are located in Trixion)

if you already used the pass before they got disabled, if yes you should be able to log in and just use them , if you didn’t use it , then wait until they are available , what they disabled is the purchase and use of them
it shouldn’t affect them if it was used previously to them being disabled

Hey there @Tian4711!

This shouldn’t affect the progression of the powerpass, as you “asigned” them to the characters before they were disabled. You can even try with one if you want and let me know how it goes.

hopefully this issue is fixed soon as I would like to use the Hyperpass to gear that character up

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A big “Thank you.” It worked. I was able to complete the process.

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I’m glad to know everything went OK with that. Thank you also @Pinkmiss for your contributions, we the mods really appreciate you folks help each other. :wink:

If anything else, don’t hesitate and let me know, stay safe y’all!