Powerpass Mindset is wrong

Hear me out… The grind to tier 3 is dog shit… forcing your players to replay it over and over again isn’t right. Regardless of timelines in Korea and how they got their power passes. We’re being given content at a much faster rate… which means you provide the boosts at the same pace. Especially since Korea had MONTHS to grind for materials and they still got their passes which resulted in them being able to further push characters they were playing before new ones came out. Forcing us to relive the same boring ass content that nearly killed the game before makes zero sense. Whoever is making those decisions at AGS is braindead and disconnected from the game, especially that portion of the content. It doesn’t matter how much time you have to play each day or how many alts you have. THE MAIN ISSUE IS THE BORING ASS GRIND TO TIER 3 ANYWAYS. It’s not about the power pass itself. If the gameplay to tier 3 was enjoyable in the first place. I’d put my money on people not crying as much.


Yeah they tossed logic out the window. It’s been a steady stream of excuses and fake apologizes.

Saw it coming with the “poor pitiful us” posts after the event pass screw up. That’s always what happens when posts/narratives like that are made.

Where they should’ve addressed the power pass since the timer was wrong anyway. Then the fake “discuss” posts. Just don’t expect anything useful from communication, from CMs or AGS/SG to do us any favors and you’ll be in a better place lol.

Double check everything that is stated and don’t trust CMs. Since there’s 0 reason to do so at this point.

I suggest if using power pass on a base class you want (not released) and not choose the sub class until it releases, and log out of it.

Drip feeding classes and then using it as an excuse to not give power passes while they stroke the “we want you to catch up to other clients” schtick is such backwards logic its hilarious. At least they’ve stuck to the level of ineptness displayed in New World, that’s been consistent lol.

They gave 1 instant pass and 1 express event even if you used power pass on Glavier why was your express not used on Destroyer

sometimes you have to work for things
no one promised you a power pass with every class


A power pass to tier 3 at this point is a very bad idea until they get bots under control we do not need Tier 3 flooded with bots

Bots are never going to not exist… there’s just nothing they can do. Unless they go the Korean route and tie our socials to our accounts. Either way… the communication leading up to this point has been terrible. And putting Destroyer in a bad spot because of that doesn’t fix anything. 1 more pass and communicating whether or not we’ll get another one for the next class or not doesn’t hurt anything. Would give people a chance to save. Anyone that didn’t read patch notes and saw the “7 days to expire” bug are getting cucked.

I said under control i did not say not exist lol please re read it

Give Powerpass!

The grind in T3 is dog shit too. T3 takes everything bad about this game’s design and dials it up to 11. Have people just become so Stockholm syndromed by the time they get there that they can’t see this? Mind boggling.