Powerpass need help on thirain

hello i have been trying to get the powerpass I have completed both of the quests to get 2 Vern powerpass and the punika powerpass and I have waited 48 hours to see if it would be in the game mail but it has not turned up yet can any help me

Hey there @Paradox1 !

Sorry to hear you’re having issues getting your powerpasses. As mentioned in the Update to Disabled Powerpasses , free Powerpasses including the Punika and Vern Powerpasses should now be re-enabled. Please keep in mind that to unlock the Punika Powerpass you will first have to complete the questline starting with “Where memories begin” and ending with “Berver’s Friend” in Punika and to unlock the 2 Vern Powerpasses you must have completed the quest “Ealyn’s Gift”. To use your free powerpass:

  1. Go to the Character Select screen and select the character you want to use the Powerpass on, then click the Powerpass button.
  2. You should then be able to click on the Punika Pass or Vern pass and after that click the “Use Powerpass” button to apply it to your character.

Please let me know if you can do this or if you have any issue with this process.

Hope this helps!


i have completed the Ealyn’s Gift and Berver’s Friend but still diddn’t recive the powerpass

Alright, in this case I would recommend you to contact our support team directly so we can investigate your case further, here is the contact information:

See you in Arkesia!