PowerPass not available on character select screen(Bug)

Roxx requested this to be posted in bugs to make it easier to link:

This link is to a post about my Powerpass not working as intended:

Here are the steps I took:
Completed designated quest
Received Powerpass from mail
Redeemed Powerpass in inventory
Returned to character screen
Created new character, skipped the prologue, and returned to character select
Selected new character → Powerpass → Vern Pass
The button is gray and cannot be clicked

I also checked if I could use it before completing the prologue. I have restarted the game multiple times since then and checked integrity of game files. I have created 2 other characters to see if it would work on them and it does not.

Do you mind trying the following steps to see if this resolves the issue?

While on the Powerpass screen, users need to first click on the Vern Powerpass image shown in the middle of the screen in order to select it. After doing so, the “Use Powerpass” button will no longer be grayed out.

Yes, I have clicked on the Vern pass every time and the button stays gray and unclickable.

The screenshot in my first post has the Vern pass selected.

Got it, thanks! Helpful for reporting – we’ll look into this further

Thank you

So after a direct look into your account with our team, it looks like the Powerpass hasn’t made its way into your account despite you claiming it, which is a new bug we haven’t seen before and will have to explore.

Regardless, we can grant a new Powerpass to your account so that you can use it for the Beta – you just have to be offline in order for us to make this grant.

I redeemed it in between hotfixes the other night, so maybe that had something to do with it and it did not affect many people because it was a very specific time window.

I just logged out so let me know when it is added and thank you very much for all your help.

Thank you! The pass has been added and you should be good to go.

It sounds like redeeming it in between hotfixes is more than likely what caused the issue, so thanks for the additional note. Enjoy your fresh level 50 character!

Yep, I can use the new one.
Thank you so much! :smiley:

Hi, I have the same issue as SirBates. I tried restarting, creating diferent classes and completing every available quest with my main and I still can’t use the power pass. I have read all your responses, can I also get the power pass available, please?

I post the screenshot with the bug:

Ya got the same issue with the button staying gray. redeemed mine on day 2.

My issue is a little bit different. I didn’t receive a powerpass via mail after completing the Ealyn’s Request quest. Yet when I go into my character select screen, it says PowerPass available, but when I click on the Power Pass it says that I don’t have one available and Vern is greyed out. Please help!

me too :confused:

Exact same issue, I opened a ticket through amazon support. Should I make a separate forum post here in hopes to get it resolved? Actually ridiculous.

I have the same issue where I have received the powerpass in my inventory, made a new character, but the vern pass is greyed out. Should I “use” the powerpass in the inventory first before trying it again? I’m scared it would disappear.

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I got the same problem. I played through on zinnervale, claimed my powerpass and unlocked in inventory. Now i switched to Procyon server, and i cant see my powerpass. On top of my character it says powerpass available, but when i click the powerpass button it says that its not available. Please help…
I read somewhere in that it should be regionwide

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Hallo, it did not say anywhere that i cant lvl up a charc on a diffrent server and use powerpass on another server… can we plz fix this? i just had to choose a server to play on, and my friends play on another server. and now im 50 on another server…

I have the same issue please help
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Same problem

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