Powerpass not showing up on character select

Hey yall,

So i redeemed my punika pass 48 hours ago, before they ripped them off the store, and i had one vern still available for months that i havent used. When i log into lost ark and on the server selection screen it says both are available on my server.

When i got to use the power pass on a new bard, neither my vern nor punika is showing up as available i just see “no image” across the board.

Help. I know they were disabled for purchase and the gold being held for 3 days (fucking stupid imo) but bots ruined our servers and we are being punished for it. I just don’t want to lose 2 free boosts Ive been saving for classes i want to play.


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yup I’m seeing the same thing right now. Redeemed my free Punika pass yesterday and now my screen looks like yours


all power passes got disabled for the moment because of there being issues with the purchase-acquired passes

No where in there posts have they mentioned already redeemed passes, only purchasable ones.

They did actually if you read it! :slight_smile:

“Additionally, Powerpasses earned in-game will not be usable by any characters until this is resolved.”

yes if you have them in game you cant use them, I already have had them redeemed for countless hours, so they need to word that as, “already redeemed power passes will not be able to be applied to roster until the issue is resolved” Because as its worded now you cannot redeem them. I already have them redeemed.

Im just mad i cant play the game with a new shiny bard in a swimsuit

Yeah that’s understandable. I guess the bots were abusing the passes so they don’t want anyone using them right now.

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As many people have already mentioned the powerpasses are currently disabled, for updates about this you can always check the original post on the news section:

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I’d say it is worded just fine. Any earned in-game are not usable even if redeemed.