Powerpass not unlocking main quest


i used my powerpass after being 50/540 with my main and my new char should be 50 with the main quest fully done to Vern/Bern but he is 34 and stuck in a random quest.

Can you pls help ?


Finish the quests and you’ll be 50. It’s just so you don’t get instantly to 50

So this is norma? All official streameurs says the opposite so do we have an official info on this?

You should be able to skip them if I’m not wrong, but if you do them you’ll get some skins. That’s how it worked for me.

However, let’s wait for an official response or someone else to confirm it :upside_down_face:

When you get off the boat with the powerpass at the top left of your screen there was a skip prologue button, if you didnt skip everything to the end you will have to play out whatever you stopped at for the reward then choose to do the next piece of content or skip to the end.