Powerpass NOT WORKING!

Hey there,

Then i try to use my powerpass it says “No Image” and then i press USE button nothing happens. Please HELP!!!

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I am having this same issue. It says powerpass is available but when I click it, it says No Image, with a 0 on the screen, and hitting the button to continue does nothing.

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Same erro on me too also need help i tried watching on youtube to see if i was doing something wrong but i was going the right direction till the game decided to slow me down and not alow to power pass main 2nd char xP sad

guys try to relaunch a game for couple of times. It helped me :slight_smile:

Hi there everyone, I hope you are doing great.

Restarting the game is a always a good option, make sure to verify your game files if the issue persist.

Thank you for taking the time to confirm your issue was resolved @neveksla25.