PowerPass on EU West

I’m not entirely sure if this is possible, but I think that those who reached level 50 on at least one character on EU Central and have created a character on EU West should be given an additional PowerPass on on EU West (on top of the 2 you can get normally) that is accessible straight away (i.e. without levelling a character to 50 and completing the “Ealyn’s Gift” quest).

Maybe an argument can also be made to have an extra one on EU Central to make up for the countless hours players have sat in queues for.



To my knowledge leveling a character to level 50 when you’ve already claimed your powerpasses will not grant you any additional ones I remember some people posting about testing it out. So they first two ones you get are the only ones you get.
So even if you get a free powerpass to move over to EU West you’re still missing out on all the progress the first 2 power passes and founder rewards, it’s a pretty horrible trade.

I’m aware that the powerpasses are definitely server locked, so whichever server on a particular region you claim the first powerpass on is the only server in that region you get them on, but I’m not 100% sure whether you get 2 per region or not. I did speak to Amazon support at one point and it was loosely implied that you do get 2 per region, but yeah, I won’t know for sure until I hit 50 on a second region I guess.

I know if you level two level 50’s on different servers on the same region you will not get anymore power passes, I hope atleast the people that move to the new data center get new ones. They need some good incentives to move you know.

Another wait to join 2 servers on EU central, screw it, I am starting over again

True, that would be an awesome idea!