Powerpass on more then 1 Server?

Hi ye all. I have a Question. Started playing roughly a Week or so ago. Got a Character to Lvl50 gone to North Vern, got a Powerpass on EU Server Sirius. Then i decided to switch over to Thirain Server. Saw Powerpass only availble for Sirius so thought ok, lvl up another Class slowly on Thirain. Now, hit yesterday Lvl50 with this Character, gone to North Vern, did and finish Ealyns Gift and my Knowlege Transfer Guide at Stronghold says Transfer is possible for iLvl302 Vern for Gold. But i didnt receife a Powerpass on Thirain Server. Are we getting the Powerpass only once per Region/Account or this a Bug?

The 2 powerpass’ are only 1 time for a server-region (first server hitting 50 and doing that gift quest). So only on one server for EU Central.

Ah Thank you. Well, then i have to slowly lvl Alts up. At least that will help with my Adventure Tomes. Ty

There is still the knowledge transfers. But would need to collect the gold for it.
Might be more fun to wait until you have gold instead of leveling again.

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