Powerpass only goes to server with your first character to complete Berver's Friend quest

I’m so upset right now. I play on two separate servers on NA East. I know that only one power pass would be granted per account, so only one of the servers/roster could claim it, but apparently I have no control over which one!

The ticket ended up going to the first server I started on, and when chatting with support I was told the power pass would be given to the first character on the account that completed Berver’s Friend quest line. However, that server has no open character slots and I wanted to consume the power pass on my second roster/server.

My ticket got escalated and I was told they will not transfer it. So now I don’t get to use my power pass unless I buy a character slot on the server I didn’t want to create more characters on.

How can this be how this system works? This is so ridiculous. I understand the pass is free, but how can they not let us pick which server/roster to use it on?

I know how you feel, look here, and you will see that Amazon don’t give a s*** :frowning:

Amazon support can just propose you to pay a powerpass yourself, they never do anything. Months ago I lost a reskin ticket without explaination and they said me “get lost lol”.

Sorry for this issue :confused:

I could get my powerpass just fine to my alt roster, by logging into it first.

That’s how I suspect it works at this point, which makes this situation even more frustrating because that would mean AGS support doesn’t even know how it works. They specifically told me what was in the title, which if you’re right, then that means they’re wrong.

I wish they provided clear details on how it would be distributed so I could have made sure to do what was “right” for getting it on my desired server. :frowning:

I did log in on it first but I guess just not on a class that had completed the quest :frowning:

Regarding getting the Powerpass, on the server with the first character that completed the Berver’s Friend quest, that’s also not the case.
I did this quest long before on my main on Nia (EUW) but received the Powerpass on Ealyn, that was also the first server I logged on to (after the patch), as it only have 2 characters and I usually do my daily’s there first (just to get it done) before I log on Nia and on my main char and server.

It’s clearly a mistake, but Amazon don’t give a ****, really frustrating :frowning: