Powerpass Potential Solution

How about this for a potential solution for the Powerpass gold issue.

Is it not easy to disable Rapport for a toon that has a powerpass activated? This would at least allow those of us that are desperately waiting to use our power pass to be able to do so as most likely the majority of those wanting to use the power pass actually have other toons that we would gladly switch to in order to do rapport. I imagine the issue is actually only the Gifting part as the other parts generally take time anyway, so it could be limited to stop the gifting part of Rapport

They could even add a (semi) permanent debuff called “Repulsive” to those players that use a powerpass which ensures that no Rapport NPC would accept a gift from those toons?

When i say (semi) i guess i mean that perhaps there could be conditions that remove the repulsive debuff over time

In other words, you wanna punish people who crate a new character and might use it as their future main because they got bored or whatever of their old main. So now if they wanna main a new char and use a powerpass, they wont be allowed to do rapports and have to switch to their old main char ust to do rapports?

Or imagine they deleted their main char, creating a new char and powerpass it and make it their new main char but cant do rapports then lol

That doesnt work…

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I like doing my daily rapport NO TY!