Powerpass problem!?

I’m getting mad and angry every time I read the responses of the company about the Powerpass there is no respect for the players
They told that they gonna made another update later last week and the week is over what a joke thank you guys you are doing great job :clap::clap:

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you should refer to this link: Powerpasses Temporarily Disabled - #2 by Roxx

its currently disabled as its being work on by devs

You will get no update and be happy.


Hi @Hammdyy.

Hope you’re doing great!

I’m sorry to hear the disabling of the Powerpass is bothering you this much and we highly appreciate patience on this situation.

Thanks @Amosroy for linking Roxx’s answer on forums and i apologize for the drawbacks.

Hope this will be fix soon and wish a nice week.

It was technically an update.

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