Powerpass Punika is available for an error?

If you go for the Powerpass punika buyable , you can use it. Is intentional or an error?

Purchased Powerpasses will remain disabled in the store while we continue to work on a resolution for ongoing issues with them. We will share more information when this work has been finalized.

I don’t try for a test, but i can buy it if i want

Just started the game to check if thats a bug on your end, but its the same for me.
I could also just go ahead and “buy” one, so please @Roxx , could you clarify if this is a bug, showing us the ability to buy a pass without that actually being the case, or if we can actually buy one, but not use it yet.

you literally cant buy it, at least for me. Tried to sneak one in preparation for scouter but it errors the moment you try to complete the purchase

Thanks for checking that ^^
I didnt have the crystals for that on hold, so I didnt want to spend money and get my hopes up for nothing
So its basically just a visual bug, probably fixed tomorrow

thanks for had tryed