Powerpass Question Help

Hey guys so i have a question about powerpass. i started a character and changed to character at level 34 and switched to new character and became level 50 and i got powerpass and i searched it up online so its basically lets you skip questions. my question so far is if i use these 2 powerpasses and from my 34 level character if i go level 50 again will i get 2 more powerpass ?

You get 2 for getting your first through the MSQ (Main Story Questline)

since when? i got my second one after getting my second char to lvl 50 (via powerpass)

you dont get anything by getting ur character to 50.
when you finish the Vern Main story, you will get 1 Vern powerpass, after you use that powerpass, you will get another one in Mail (2x in total) and 1 x from feiton storyline ( avaiable until june)

You get 2 powerpasses in total from doing the MSQ.
The first you get when you do the storyline on your main character.
The second you get when you’ve used the first one.
If the feiton power pass event ins’t over yet, you should also get one of those after doing that storyline.
You will not get any more and there are no other ways to acquire them.

no my question is totally different. i already got 2 powerpasses. what im asking is if i do a new character and complete the 1-50 main quest will i get 2 more powerpass?

You will not

You do however have 9 North Vern knowledge transfers available in your Stronghold. They basically function the same way but cost a bit of gold

Right my bad, not lvl 50 but vern. My point was that you dont get both powerpasses instantly but one after another.