Powerpass sent to the wrong server

This morning I logged into my NAE Avesta character (ilvl 1490 so I meet all the pass requirements), where I want to use the punika powerpass, did some stuff, didn’t see any powerpass mail, quit the game.

Then later started the game up and loaded into an Azena character and the powerpass is stuck there on Azena (character name Hollypaly).

I read another CM’s post that you can use the powerpass on that server and then apply it to a character on another server but that is WRONG. I used the ticket after reading that CM’s response but have not applied it to any character.

So in short, it doesn’t matter if you log into the correct server first, it was simply sent to the wrong one, please help.


This happened to my friend today too, so weird…

Hopefully they can help you out.

On the quote you provided he says that you can use the pass in any server no matter what server you claimed it.
You just can’t use it on a server that you don’t have a lv 50 character leveled (aka a server main character).
Since I don’t have a character on another server I can’t say if that really works.

Just try to use the pass on the server you want to use it that you already have a lv 50 character and see if it works.

That’s the point, that quote was wrong and if you go to the post itself you can see they edited it after I started tagging them telling them that it does not work. It was literally sent to the wrong server and there was nothing I could do about it.

Look at the image, it says, Azena only (I checked multiple times, it won’t let me use it on Avesta), when I want the pass on my main roster on Avesta.

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Hello @refusal and thank you @Grognathul and @steezy for your input,

Thank you for posting your question regarding the Punika Power Pass server availability. Please note the system will give the pass on the server/ to the first roster created on which the tasks were completed on by default and there is no way to transfer these at present.

Good luck and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Sorry but this is also false. Avesta is the first server I created a character on, and the very first server I reached Punika on. Months later I used a discounted Punika powerpass on Azena. Avesta is also the first server I logged onto after the maintenance. So why did the powerpass appear in Azena? This is why I am saying this is through no fault of my own? This doesn’t make sense, do I have to delete my Azena character??

same here. I have 9 characters on EUC Server Zinnervale playing for over 6 months. One month ago I created a new character of a different server and leveled up to 1370 to craft and sell stronghold mats to get additional gold. today I got the punika powerpass on wrong server. Not on my 1507 main I reached punika half a year ago, I got in on my different-server alt I created one month ago… Support told me they cannot do anything. this is unaccaptable! what a very very bad communication and design. you promise a gift to players and they get it totally random on a server they don’t need it… so bad…


Hello @refusal and @Raknut,

Thank you for sharing more information on the topic. Note that you can pose your cases to support as @Raknut mentions to have done but there are no guarantees any changes can be done based on how this works as established on my previous post.

Good luck! :wolf: