Powerpass still broken @roxx?

I’m in the exact same boat sadly.

Maybe it’s time you don’t worry about what people spend their money on? None of your business and not for you to tell ppl what they should and shouldn’t spend on. cringe take

Never said what you SHOULD do with your money, I said is partially your fault if you spend your money on a ‘‘faulty’’ product knowing is faulty.
By all means feel free to do whatever you want with your money :man_shrugging:
Cringe reading/comprehension skill.

@Roxx We’re losing hope here…


“We will give you more infos later this week!” damn, didn’t know for ASG later this week meant “next update” and you probably will not be happy about it

I reckon it’s confirmed that the update on the update later this week was


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just amazing.

And trust me, it s not about how you deal with your player base :slight_smile:

Still disabled after maintenance tonight… unbelievable

very believable.

compensation, give us another punika pass LOL

Hahah neeever gonna happen. Its actually mind-blowing how little information about this they are giving us…

Incompetency at its finest.

Forgetting that fixing ANY problems with the game has to do with Smilegate not AGS. If Smilegate is taking a month to send out a fix on something there’s nothing AGS can do.

If there is something legitimately broken or “not done” with powerpasses that can abused, of course they’ll keep them disabled and wait for developer to send out a fix since they don’t develop the game they just publish it.

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What i really do not understand here:

The problem was, that bots were using stolen credit cards, powerpassing to lvl 50 and then cheated through thronespire and sold those free legendary engravings before reclaiming their money.

Why didn´t SG and AGS just remove the paid powerpasses which can be used before reaching punika on a character.

The current situation punishes a lot of honest players and especially new players, which have now a really hard time building alts, because they are gold starved anyway.

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@Roxx So can i have an answer at this plz? “why powerpass earned by playing the game (finishing punika at least 1 time) are disabled?” i can understand for the bought ones but the “free” ones…
Since i posted 2 times about this, still no answer or communication about this… i retry here…

2nd time posting since NO ANSWER after 6 day…


SO this is the “ignore the forums and questions” strategy?

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f2p live service game :joy:

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@Roxx So where is that end of the week update on this issue?


They dont give details about why they got disabled i guess.
I just know that Bots, Rmt’ers and Credit card abusers abused the powerpasses somehow, and that all powerpasses, even the free ones, were affected. What exactly they did, i dont know, its just what i heard and read on other platforms.

But im sure if it wouldnt be necassary and urgent to disable all of them, they wouldnt have done it. So i guess there must have been something really bad, which would have caused a lot more damage to the game than we can imagine, if they would have let them enabled.

Its weekend, they have free time too :stuck_out_tongue: