Powerpass turned into reskin ticket

After redeeming the reskin ticket that I had left sitting in my inventory, the punika powerpass turned into a reskin ticket. Instead of having one reskin ticket and one power pass, I now have two reskin tickets. Attached is a screenshot of the top left corner of the server screen.

Please help and thank you in advance!

Hey @hongjames6 hope you’re doing very well and welcome to the forums!

I’m sincerely sorry for this situation you’re experiencing with the powerpass, let me know if you’ve attempted verifying game files:

  1. Restart your computer and launch Steam.

  2. Next, you can either right click the game in your Library, or click the gear icon from the game’s Library page on the far right

  3. From the drop down menu, select Properties…

  4. Select the Local Files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files button.

As well try checking the mail of the game thoroughly on your main or any character you may have to make sure that you indeed received the power pass. If you still don’t find it, please make sure to reach us so our team can take a look into this situation and so that you can provide the information needed.

Hope it’s helpful, have a nice day!

I verified the game files and it is still showing two reskin tickets. There seems to be a misunderstanding, I certainly received the powerpass because I used the powerpass prior to the reskin ticket. Once i used the reskin ticket, the powerpass got replaced and I now have two reskin tickets.

Did you check if you still have a power pass available when you try to use one?

Click punika powerpass and see if there is a non-royal crystal power pass available still.

Hi @hongjames6

Thank you very much for your answer explaining which steps you had done so far to try to resolve the issue with the power pass turning into two reskin tickets after you used one.

Since we will need to review your account and investigate what happen to help you please contact our support team to create a web ticket with all the information required for our devs to assist you to resolve this problem :

Please use the link provided by @Legumi on the link above :

Also you can include the forum link of this post to get more details for our team as a reference.

Enjoy your week and take care.


Hey @DeathbladeEnjoyer appreciate the tip you gave to @hongjames6 hope you’ve tried it!

Really sorry the steps provided above were not able to solve this situation you’re experiencing with the power pass.

I do wish both of you are doing pretty well and as @Eulah said if this issue persists please don’t hesitate to contact us to escalate this situation with the information provided on prior posts.

Wish you all a nice day and see you on Arkesia!

You told me to create a web ticket and the only response I received was that someone is scheduled to check in on this matter, and no one has.
The powerpass button prompts me to buy it for 1100 royal crystals.

It will always have the royal crystal buy option regardless of whether you have the powerpass or not.

Click it and if it tells you to buy one then you actually have lost your powerpass

It prompts me to buy it for 1100 royal crystals instead of being able to use it.

How’s it going @hongjames6 hope you are doing fantastic, in that case, awesome!

If you’ve already submitted the ticket then lets give it some time to our peers to review the information provided and check what could be going, shortly they’ll surely reach back to you with an update. Usually within 24-48 hours.

As well if it does seems delayed you can always contact to ask for an update! Hope it’s helpful.

Hope you all have a really nice day!