Powerpass with 25% off question

Plan to get an extra character slot and pay for the powerpass for future since theres 25% off price before Sept.7.
Does Punika powerpass have an expiration date if I purchase one?Can I save it for future classes?

You need to apply the power pass to an existing character…so if your wanted class already exists as a base class (Like reaper, scouter, or summoner) then you should be able to apply it to an assassin, gunner, or mage now and wait.

If you want it for artist or aeromancer, then you’re SOL as that’s a new base class (specialist)

Good point but I was thinking just purchase the powerpass without using it on any character,is it possible?

It’s not possible, cause the powerpass is directly bound to the character you buy it with.

little correction, not bound but applied instantly.

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But it can be a lv1 Gunner for example without an chosen advanced class. So you can choose Machinist when he arrives.

yes, did it on my striker. Created my char, applied the powerpass and joined the game. I chose the advanced class and hopped into powerpass story right away. I’ll do it for reaper aswell.