Powerpasses for New Class Releases

Hey @Roxx!

I just wanted to give some constructive feedback to you regarding the discussion about Destroyer Powerpass and Powerpasses in general after reading some of the responses you gave people.

I think it a lot of the things you say make sense, that you as a team are worried about giving too much free progression, and while KR might get Powerpasses with every release, they get classes at a much slower pace etc.

If there will be limitations on Powerpasses, the roadmap has to make that clear to prevent people from committing to decisions they might regret later on. For instance, imagine you told us that Destroyer is coming in May, and (let’s say, hypothetically) reveal that Reaper will be coming in July. You can, then, let us know that the Powerpass that comes with Destroyer will be the only Powerpass revealed for these two classes, so that people can either hold off for a class they want more, or use in on Destroyer! Since we don’t have that information, we cannot make informed decisions. The only information we have is what happened in KR, which is getting a Powerpass for every class, so we act based on that.

Potential Solutions:

  • You could start selling Powerpasses for real-life currency or Blue Crystals, so that people who are way into T3 don’t have to suffer through T1 and T2 content again with the classes they have long waited for.

  • Release the Destroyer with a Powerpass & Short Term roadmap (as explained above, if Reaper is coming up in July, tell us if the Destroyer Powerpass is the only one for the time being, so we know if we have to save our Pass for Reaper if we want to).

  • Release every character with a Powerpass/Express Event, and perhaps make it similar to Knowledge Transfer where you have to, let’s say, have completed Punika Storyline at least twice to use a Punika Powerpass twice, to ensure steady progression.

Maybe there is a better solution that I cannot think of, but if there will be a lack thereof Powerpasses, I really do believe we need to know about it ahead of time so we can save our Powerpasses for later class releases we are excited about!

Thank you for reading and actually responding to feedbacks here. I know you all get a lot of unjustified hate but I personally really appreciate getting an actual response from a CM whenever I suggest something.


Agree with you, sucks so hard no powerpass for destroyer, I wanted to get one after they announced it would come reworked.
I was thinking in changing my 1340 gunlancer for this (deleting it, because I already have 6 characters), kinda similar style but looked cooler, but there’s no fucking way I’m going through the pain of t1/t2 without any catch up while losing the potential resources/gold that the gunlancer would provide, so now I’m probably stuck with a class I no longer wants until they announce something good, or waste a lot of time/resources getting the destroyer to t3 the old way

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Ill just not make this class even tho thats the class i wanted.

AMAZON are just not respecting players time at all. They don’t realise the crazy hours people including me have put to reach 1415 etc. Now this, i’m almost done with the game, they have no idea what they are doing

Kr players got a powerpass for each class with a 4 month duration between their releases. We have a class every month and no powerpass? What a big joke

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I don’t know what do you complain about. I only used the Vern & the Feiton ones, knowing I would boost a “new” class I want.
Don’t worry, there are swarms of bots to level up with, everything will be ok.