Powerpasses missing

Hey, so I just came back to the game after a long break. I logged in like a week ago and claimed my Punika pass, and today when I logged in I was about to use it on my bard, the problem is when I click on powerpass I just get this picture up:

What’s up with this?

they are under maintenance, no ETA for them returning, just wait

Oh I didn’t know, thanks!

more than likely gonna drag it out till next maint for it to be fixed knowing AGS very annoying

Hello @Laddad, :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your concern.

All Powerpass purchases have been temporarily disabled within the in-game store as we work to resolve an unintended issue with them. If you attempt to purchase a powerpass at this time, you will receive an error notice and your purchase will not go through.

Additionally, Powerpasses earned in-game will not be usable by any characters until this is resolved.

Thank you for your patience, and the development team will let you know when we have an update regarding this issue.

See you in Arkesia! :beers:

Sorry but I am a little pissed now. I understand that there can be problems and if bots use that to go against the rules of the game, u should do something about it. But Powerpasses are disabled now since wednesday, every mod is telling us to update us when it is working. But can someone just drop any details how long it takes? Like if it can be fixed by tomorrow, no proble I wait. But if you guys say it takes time till next week reset, at least tell us so we can decide if we want to wait or start without powerpasses this weekend, pls !

Same old same old… How come this shit does not get properly tested?
How come this shit cannot be fixed in a few days or a week?

Freaking 2 man indie studios do better then AGS.

Yeah we should get compensated somehow for this.
I’ve wasted so many days now just waiting to use my damn Punika pass so I can use my hyper express event on it, right now it’s just sitting there doing nothing.
Tbh I’m pretty pissed, I understand why I quit the game and probably going to quit again now. Lost all hope for this game sadly.

Hello Arkesians,

We understand how this temporary disabling of the Power Passes can be frustrating but, as mentioned in the initial post by@RuthlessFalcon, we are working on this and will have updates posted once restored. In the mean time, you may share your thoughts and feelings in the Feedback section of the forums or you can also submit your valuable feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Hello, is there any chance we get the Powerpasses back before tomorrows reset?

So, I’m gonna reply instead of the CM to cut the BS:

I have arrived to the conclusion that they themselves have not a single clue. Maybe Roxx does, but if she does she refuses to communicate any kind of information. Just keep an eye on the official annoucement. And please, please, do feel free to criticize AGS in the meantime.

edit: see, any rando is as usefull as the mods here

Hello @bhelli,

Thank you for your follow up question on this. Unfortunately, we do not have any official word on this as of yet and I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with being unable to use your power pass at present but that is indeed the expected temporary behavior. You can read more about this here:

You may check on official updates regarding this matter in the Official News Forum as well as our main site.

Given this is a repeat thread on an already addressed topic, I am closing it now.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf: