Powerpasses - Why we need them

First and foremost, I would like to say that this is not an attack on Roxx or any other Community manager, but a post to raise awareness for Amazon and Smilegate to understand some things from a player perspective, in this build that is vastly faster paced than others.

First, let me tackle what Roxx said: “while other regions may get a Power Pass with most class releases, they are only getting a small number classes per year; we on the other hand will be seeing many more classes come out this year, which would be a much more significant number of power passes shared with players.” The problem is, this is only at a base surface level, and I don’t want people fooled by this reasoning. Let me put my counter points.

  1. It doesn’t matter. Other regions having classes more spread out does not matter, because at a base level, they are getting 1 power pass per class. This allows the game, one that is undoubtedly about having alts, playing/trying as many as possible, etc. I’d even argue it’s more important for our region to get 1 pass per launch, because EVERYONE’S MAIN CLASS DID NOT LAUNCH WITH THE GAME. Now, it will be even harder to smoothly transition mains.
  2. Despite what was said about other regions only getting 1 power pass per class, while true, is not the whole story. Other regions get powerpasses quite often with other events, so the class releases are not the only time they get new ones. We have gotten 2 vern passes and 1 feitan. In 3 months of the game. That’s a pretty slow pace
  3. Lastly, it was mentioned during the Argos incident, that NA/EU accounts had less alts per roster than KR did at this point. There’s a reason for that. We launched with a more complete build than any other region, had to get mains to T3/Argos/higher, along with horizontal content. Many don’t have time to go through t1-2 again just to get to t3, and with legions out, there will be even less time for the average player to accomplish this.

I do understand the hesitation to give free or paid powerpasses, but I do think it’s necessary going forward with the game, and if you’re scared about implementation, I have a few ideas that would help these not be p2w.

  1. Just as the 10% bonus BC chest has a 30 day cooldown and a 1 purchase limit. Make powerpasses (no matter which you buy) have a 1 purchase limit ever 1-3 months. This would ensure that someone who spends a LOT would not have a MASSIVE advantage over someone who doesn’t in the alt department, while still allowing everyone a chance to slowly grow their roster.
  2. Make Powerpasses also buyable (like skins) with Blue crystals. This makes sure EVERYONE has equal opportunity to purchase them.

Personally, I’m a fan of both of these options.

Anyway, these are my opinions on the matter. Feel free to discuss, and let me know what you agree/disagree with along with your reasonings.

Edit: Amazon changed the release date of the Feitan pass. It originally expired before Destroyer, so a lot of people got baited into using it. That’s a huge problem imo.

Edit again: Power Passes also encourage people to play more classes. The longer the game is out, the harder it will be to find people for t1-2 content, which is a huger deterrent when it comes to people trying new things. Passes are an incentive to create new classes and try them out.


Watch this 2 clips if you really can’t see why they are getting a power pass with each new class and we don’t then there is something wrong with you lol

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I think it’s very important for Destroyer specifically with it being an already underrepresented class and an older class that should have been in at launch anyway.

If AGS/SGR want Destroyer to have decent representation, they would release a PowerPass with it. No pass means less players trying Destroyer. There will be less people that will be willing to do the 302 to 1415 grind all over again.

I hope they change their minds and implement a Punika pass so that we might actually see some Destroyers running around in endgame content.

ill be in t3 day 1 ive saved my mats and power pass and also still have my express event i knowledge transferred my glaiv now shes 1370 so i dont see your point anyone that wanted to main destroyer would have saved there powerpass and or express pass and all the ppl bitching about bots and they wana get punika powerpass and have the bots instantly in t3 to just farm infinite chaos and crash the market is just dumb imo

You obviously didn’t read my post, but I addressed this. That doesn’t matter. They still get a power pass per class. It doesn’t matter when they come, because they get a pass per class. That’s my entire point. Also, you fail to account for all variables and only look at it through your narrow lens. Korea gets powerpasses in between those class drops. A LOT of events they have come with powerpasses, and sometimes they even get two.

Zeals also mentioned newer players coming, which you neglect to mention. This is a game where most people are new players. These videos did nothing but support my point, so thanks for that.

Next time you want to argue a point, read the person’s comment that your arguing against. You clearly showed you did not read anything I said.


Another thing I forgot to mention, is a lot of destroyer mains used their pass because the first day the pass said it expired before destroyer release. That was an error on Amazon’s part, and I feel bad for the destroyer mains that got shafted.


or you could have just read the patch notes for glav release a saw it was visual bug and it was june 30th instead of assuming

You keep repeating this buy you dont understand the context on how&why they release a new power pass on each new character.

It actually matters, is it the same 7 power passes in 7 months than 1 power pass in 7 months?

i could say exactly the same about you, literally

This is fake.

Show me proof cuz this is fake.

Does this mean we can’t get new people? (People starting TODAY not at launch)

Not really.

I already read your post.


I mean, you can do abyssals for one week in Tier 2 to get enough gold to knowledge transfer a Destroyer to vern. Then its what? 8 hours of gameplay for the average player to have it in Tier 3? Why do we NEED a powerpass?

If you have higher level character can you can literally farm this gold in a single abyssal run.


Fully agree. But if this is AGS’ policy for NA then they need to implement it after destroyer because they completely botched the communication on this and release a power pass with glavier and didn’t tell players until YESTERDAY that there wouldn’t be one for destroyer. I’m fine if we don’t get power passes every class going forward now that we know, but they can’t punish destroyer players because of their miscommunication


It really does matter though. You dont think it does. But theres a reason were not getting it.

Some people have used their 9 Vern knowledge transfers and will have to level their destroyer from 10–>50 for 8 hours just to get into T1. Then shushire, Rothendel, yorn, feiton, punika and south Vern

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why does it matter that they are getting them.

the reason they do that is too not spoil the players but as a catch up mechanic for new or returning players.

you also forget that korea has paid powerpasses too.

dont get me wrong i see nothing wrong with giving destroyers a powerpass, but that also potentially gives other players a gameplay advantage.

“what??? HOW”

because your boosting someone too or near tier 3, so they have another gold generating alt.

they already said they arnt giving it lol, you should be happy they gave us a powerpass with glavier AND the super express.

wait and see, they may add something else for destroyer. but also dont get your hopes up. if u want another alt, build up the mats and push it like everyone else.

I’d be fine with a Vern power pass. The problem is they cap you at 9 knowledge transfers. But sell you up to 18 character slots. If you played since launch you’ve gotten 3 power passes and 9 KTs and your main progression character. That’s 13 - so is the expectation that our next 5 classes all need to go through MSQ for 10 hours?

The cap made sense when the roster was 12. Now it doesn’t.

i mean its kinda your fault if you already made over 13 characters. also just level a character up today in prep for the new release?

last i remember you can get another 9 if you do the leveling process to 50/vern again. not exactly a fun experience, but thats what some people have done.

but also most of us have 6 characters because we arnt buying slots lol

(and i still have a slot open for destroyer even though ill barely play it if at all)

Why u need to look at patch note when it sey on ticket? Same with express event, am not going main destro i was looking to make alt but no way am going for G spam like 15h

My understanding is that unlike the other chapters, north Vern is hard capped at 9. If that’s incorrect I’m happy to be wrong. But otherwise I can’t prelevel

Yeah the mental gymnastics people are doing to blame players instead of AGS/SGR is wild. 7 day timer upon glavier release. What else is that supposed to suggest? That another 7 day pass will come with destroyer like in korea.


Agreed, I am one of those who will pass on classes without a PowerPass. To do just the most important stuff for alts takes a lot of time by itself. Game is becoming more chore than fun already

i remember hearing you can do it. but i dont remember where so its a “take that with a grain of salt” type situation.

but its worth attempting regardless, because its not like its hard lol plus you can G spam it all now.