Powerpass/Express/Roadmap feedback & plead

There’s lately been a little bit of drama regarding powepass/express events. Even tho CMs initially hinted that there’s a possibility Machinist/Scouter won’t come with a powerpass, but did not give a definite answer on the topic, people assumed it was a clear ‘NO’ so they rioted on reddit, forums and twitter, and as we all know, we received both powerpass and express with scouter due to feedback.

Problem with this is, again, poor communication. Some might say It’s not AGSs fault, SG doesn’t inform them in time, but that is incorrect way to look at it, they are both equally at fault as they are supposed to be working as one entity. Means that both companies either have problems communicating between themselves or worse, they don’t care about the global servers playerbase to that point where they just don’t talk with us at all. Either way, our regions are being treated like unwanted child that’s being milked but neglected all the time. I honestly don’t care about server down times, game can be down for 3 days if needed, I don’t need any compensations for it either, free stuff is always nice but I honestly don’t care about it. I think that all of us can survive without few battle chests or what not. I just want important things to be communicated in a timely manner.

Stuff like powerpass/express events are announced at least a month or even before that in KR, while we find out literally 1 day before the thing drops. On RU servers, they have hyper express with each class release, and not only that but they have story express events (similar to what we have right now with scouter) in between those hyper express events, so they have a pushing event live all the time basically even when there is no new classes.

Now, do we need express events being live non stop? No, not really. We are not asking for that. But how bad is a plan on a scale from 1 to absolutely horrible to release express event + powerpass for Arcanist, and deliberately time gate it to expire 1 day before Scouter releases and then give nothing to scouter? That is just awful idea. Of course this didn’t happen due to feedback, but it’s such nasty practice that by the looks of it one future class release will have to endure, unless people literally riot against it.

I am using this post to kindly ask both AGS and SG to not engage in such practices. Glavier/Destroyer shared a pass and that was totally fine and no one would ever complain about it, except, due to lack of communication from AGS, they confirmed it after 1 month of express event being live that Destroyer will not get his own event and that its shared with Glavier.
One month. Even tho they knew about it the whole time, and told to players when of course everyone already used it on either Glavier or some other class. Current express lasts until Nov 23rd, and it’s safe to assume according to existing release cadence that Reaper or Summoner will come out on that day. What I am asking here is to please not release Reaper for example with 0 events being active. If you plan on shipping the class without any events or powerpasses, extend the current event for couple of weeks and communicate that with players before it’s too late.

So far, every single ‘roadmap’ we got was not a roadmap at all, but a vague one/two month teaser that doesn’t mention any dates. How does a child that’s not neglected get their roadmaps? Like this:

Stop giving us impressions that you don’t care. It’s been killing the game slowly, not just because of bad road maps obviously, there’s many other things that account for that. Let’s remind everyone that it took SG/AGS one month to remove gold from a pet quest, that is btw one of the first quests in the game, after millions upon millions of bots already exploited it, and players begged them to remove it the entire time. Same happened with infinity chaos dungeon and now most recent example thornespire bot exploitation. It takes them months to fix these things that are in most cases one line of code, every time we had economy completely destroyed due to these exploits and it all could’ve been prevented if someone cared to react fast enough.

After each time something was poorly communicated we get promises and glimpses that it will be better, but so far that hasn’t been the case.
Just to clear this out, I am not holding forum CMs reliable for bad communication, I blame both companies because they are the ones responsible for all the decisions and CMs are here only to tell us what those decisions are. They can’t tell us something they simply don’t know.

There’s many things I would like to talk about like how balance changes/Tripod QoL should be pushed out at a rapid pace, because QoL changes shouldn’t be held back, they are implemented for a good reason, because something was badly designed and needed a change. But we can talk about those some other time.


they just sayin they did not know until they post the patch notes

such a great excuse i’d say but if it’s true then there is a problem

I’d argue that either they don’t even know anything about the game they are publishing, or they do but simply just don’t care enough to keep it healthy for whatever reason behind the scene.

either one is equally abysmal.

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I agree. But even tho if our CMs were uninformed or something, someone whether that’s SG or AGS people in charge did know it, and failed to communicate it inside the company so that CMs can share it with the rest of us. It appears that there’s communication issues not just on player but all levels

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I was pretty much implying that they

let that be still getting steady profit, their reputation for non gamers improving, too cheap to put in some effort since it will cost them more etc. lol

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My wish for Christmas would be that they just release all classes, give no powerpasses and make the game non-alt-friendly.

But Santa ain’t real so… :confused:

My wish for christmas is they release in gamr marriage system including rapport npc so I can marry Nineveh

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If they’re taking wishes I would like to see reaper and summoner released at the same time next month. Stop to hindering original classes, there’s plenty new classes coming out every couple of months.

Man I wish they’d just dump them all out instead of dropping powerpasses and express missions every few weeks xd

Best would’ve been to have all of them available from launch but I guess they’re just releasing the complete old patches from KR and RU one by one instead of putting together new ones :confused:

i agree
and this caused the “frankenstein version” of ours so much bugs and troubles


I’ve said it before but im glad others on the forums are starting to notice that the roadmaps AGS puts out hardly count as roadmaps at all, they’re like teasers as to whats coming next in the next month or 2 and then we’re left in the dark after that, a roadmap should outline at least half a years worth of content to come if not the whole next year. But AGS won’t change this, they hardly know whats coming in the next update themselves.

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@Heartbeat I think you were on the spot with your post. Korea has a 6 month plan in advance. FFXIV presents the content for the next 4 month patch 2 months in advance. So everyone can plan accordingly.
Right now there is an awesome opportunity for AGS/SG to show how they plan to release content up to the end of the year.

My suggestion for @Roxx to take to AGS/SG is to prepare a similar roadmap like the team in KR release.

Such as:

End of October: Rowen/Tripod System update/Ranumatan

November: Brelshaza Normal/ cu(powerpass+hyperexpress)/ QoL patch

December: Elgacia/ Summoner (express event)

So this sort of planning would improve so much players trust about the West LA release and start building a good communication channel between West players and developers.

bruh, my first post about it was back when LOA ON announced Akkan in Korea (in April or something). People know, AGS/SG just hasn’t made an effort to change at all. The global version deserves a lot more attention and its playerbase deserves a lot more respect than this.

Certain issues tend to pop-up and become hot topics on the forums for a while, maybe the way roadmaps are being handled will just become the next topic everyone is talking about, im sure others have voiced the same opinion before

The whole communication relay is broken
CMs don’t know the rules, they have conflicting information
There is almost no effort in finding good talents for promoting the game
They can’t fix simple issues
List goes on… and I can’t see a sliver of hope

They’ve only proved their incompetence


I think that balance/tripod update is coming in 2 weeks. Check the log in track, it ends in 2 weeks, they only do that for bigger updates

I 100% agree with this. Communication definitely needs to improve from both companies. I work in customer support and many times my supervisor decided to withheld information that would affect our customers down the line and then the information is revealed to the customers. They of course get upset and I’m the one that has to hear about it.

AGS & SG need to have a better communication with each other as well as with the player base. If something is not 100% clear, it is better to not say anything as to avoid incorrect speculation.

I understand that for many people this is “Just a game.” But in reality, this is a business. Happy customers have less resistance to buy products.