Ppl don't use pots because they are too slow to get

15 flowers to get 3. 30 pots are 150 flowers. You get 1 flowers, sometimes 2 from each loot. The result? NONE use pots during normal content but only during their endgame one, so during previous Abyss dungeons where they expect to be carried and, even worst, during Guardians which are still the most diifficult and broken content currently in the game, they don’t use them and sometime they neither bring them in the inventoy,

Now, I got the point from greedy devs… grdinding flowers sucks and it’s slow like grinding any other resources becasue of the low amount you get from each spot + the slow bar animation is for sure intended by design so you can just drop 50bucks regularily to buy gold and buy tons of pots in the AH or that horrible Mari’s shop… GG.

I can get that for the endgame you need SUPERLEGENDARY pots which costs one billion of bucks per piece because KR devs are used to be greedy and monetize every single aspect … but AT LEAST the basic pots… PLS… make them a lot cheaper, make them a lot faster to obtain…
Considering also you need to craft pots for SIX characters the issue increase exponentially.
This is the first game I’ve ever played, even from other KR MMO, where you can buy HP pots with real money or you will suffer getting them at a right amount. That’s insane…

This game is reported to be F2P while actually the only thing you don’t pay or require boring grinding is just breathing… for now. Free2Access, Problematic2Enjoy…

No point in using pots unless something is going to kill you

You can AFK farm flowers daily with your stronghold farm, and then craft pot chests.

Pots are cheaper in mari’s shop than with mats. At some point green pots are cheaper with stronghold mats but those auto farm.

They’ve also given away hundreds of potion boxes. This post didn’t just miss the mark it landed on a separate planet.

Maybe it wasn’t enough, kekw