PR - leverage your CMs

Good morning AGS,
If I can make a suggestion; please leverage your CMs and get their feedback before making changes that impact your user-base. If you lack the knowledge and experience to effectively understand and manage your end-users, then the CMs are your next best thing.

My observation:
It seems that the decisions that are being made at the lower level (game developer level) are just simply being executed without question.

Know your audience. Consult your CMs - who interact with the user base on a regular basis - before making decisions. The mail mishap from today morning could have been resolved with more finesse. Doing system roll-backs during core game hours shouldn’t be the same as the ones that you perform during maintenance. If you don’t have people who understand the differences between these two things, then I suggest that you find people with that type of experience to join your team.


Yes Yes and Yes!

That would require communication on AGS’s part