Pre Brelshaza patch roster discussion

-Main 6 (ilvl, engraving amount)
-Plans on the first week of the new raid
-overall strat with new gear
-Do you have a static? Will you pug?
-What is your current goal?

My main is sitting at 1517.5 and i plan to clear at least gate 4 with my 3 other friends. We’ll be needing to find 4 other folks and have some fun.
Other alts are <1445 slowly getting there.

main ofc 5x3 red gl only doing 1-4 on main not rushing for g6 i can do it week 2 as for first week i plan to do x3 1-2 brel on alts might have to pug on alts but hopefully not
got a static for main and might be same static for alts atm can’t tell since some will be doing 1-6 and others will be doing 1-4 week1 i will be 100% transfering and tapping with bounds i don’t use unbound i like to take it slow since this is a soft reset after all

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Same, the new tradable mats will probably be worth quite a bit especially early on. I don’t expect anyting crazy since you can 5:1 everything, but still a decent value.

Roster: 6 Paladins: 1x1505, 5x1490 and all of them have 5x3 engravings (i also have all needed level 10 gems that I rotate for weekly content)

Raiding plan: 1x Gates 1-4 with main and 5x Gates 1-2 with alts

Gear plan: slow and steady so probably at least few weeks till main will do Gates 1-6 and alts will most likely never do more than Gates 1-2

Group comp: Full static for main, but for alts I have 6-8 man static, but we have both supports for all of the runs so we just need to find few capeable dps players for some of the alt runs

Goal: I had my alts sitting at 1472 for a long time so they all need to get their Clown upgrades as well so its going to be content overload for me for a long time

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Depends on the pricing of the new mats but more likely focus on one or 2 characters and secure 1540.

First week might be 4 gates or 6 gates. I main 2 supports and gunlancer/awakening engraving.

The rest 3 - 4alts will focus on acquiring new mats (maybe to sell). I got 6 1490 +21 weapons except paladin I don’t think I need to upgrade weapons if I ever try to get a DPS to clear Brelshaza.

Also Vykas, Clown and Brelshaza will be my weekly at least gate 1 and 2 for my alts.

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indeed plus you don’t need to push a lot early since if you are 1490 and convert all your gear to brel one you will end up 1510 and with that you can just need to push 10 ilvl for 5-6 which will be easy as hell with bounds since higher chances ofc you will want 1540 before hard brel so you can do brel hard and get ancient acc and gear + lvl 3 gear set with algacia playing it slow will 100% pay you back in no time

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  • 1520 5x3 paladin G1-6 (dont need to hone, maybe craft weapon in second week)
  • 1495 5x3 paladin G1-4 (transfer to brel gear, one tap, week 2 push for G5/6)
  • 1495 5x3 paladin G1-4 (transfer to brel gear, one tap, week 2 push for G5/6)

I got static for all characters (HELL NO NOT PUGGING)

goal: to clear all of the above characters for Brel

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Have 5 zerks 1 pally.
Switching gems through roster for maximum Powa.
Zerk 1507 for 1-4, 5x3
Zerk 1490 for 1-2, Missing one accessory for 5x3
Zerk 1485 - will hone a bit to get to 1490. , 4x3 + 2 ether predator kekw.

Two zerks and pally sitting at 1472.
Will push if its worth it, idk how many leapies i have. Will see, might have to do a bit of math magic if its worth it - i guess it is worth it ? Shrugs. Have tons of greater leapies tradeable, so.

Maybe i got some static for brel, will see.
usually i pug, due to my unstable work schedule it aint ez finding static.


I just barely got my main to 1490 yesterday. I really hope to do at least G1-G2. Likely will use party finder and if that dont work out, will try my chances at MM

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roster 6x bard 1490-1505, pala 1490, arty 1490

main g1-g4, others g1-g2 for farm; all 5x3 or supp alts 4x3

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hehe xD looks like i m really the only idiot who has 6 different chars at 1490 xD

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