Predict what will happen in the next bot ban

As everyone knows already, bot mass bans have always comes together with some kind of baggage. First was the vpn ban followed by KR ip ban.

Whats your predictions about the next hilarious thing AGS will pull out of the bag? Your ideas must include some form of throwing players under the bus, a wild imagination, and it must not solve bot problems in any way.

As for my predictions: They will block all players that use wifi

Ngl i can see that happening. There’s the obvious una’s nerf. Make everything cost PhEoNS.

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Why do people spend so much time obsessing over this shit?

How about people using a virtual machine. Fck all the people using linux and botters.

Because I’m on 10k queue right now lol, I have about 2 hours to complain about this on the forum

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That is a fair argument.

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afaik VM are already blocked and detected by EAC. But there is a setting (hyperthreading?) that overrides that i think

took 2 mins to write and I got 2 hours of queues to go. Dont deny my freedom of speech

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block all countries so there won’t be any more G2G enjoyers 4Head

Excellent idea. That will solve the bot problems completely

Captchas every 10 minutes for berserkers.

That will just push all the berseker bots to switch over to destoryer

So, why stop there? Make it every 5 minutes for all classes

banning all the legit player > No one alive to buy gold > Bot dead. EZ clap

NExt ban wave they ban you and your family from the internet :'c no more roblox for you