Predicting the Future

Just for fun

July: Arcana, Hell Valtan, Abyss Trial
August: Kuku, T3 Tower
September: Reaper, Hell Vykas,
October: Rowen
November: Brel Normal, Summoner
December: Brel Hard

What you guys think?

T3 tower?

Just give us Aeromancer. Let us do a poll on class we want next lol.

Overall player count 20k


T3 Tower with Kuku doesnt make any sense. afaik the first 25 stages come with brelshaza hard and 25-50 with elgacia.

Russia had ~5 months between normal and hard brelshaza


T3 Tower is not coming before 1490 content, i assume it will give new mats like the 1490 chaos dungeon along with brelshaza which gives the new ancient gear.

Summoner :thinking:

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So… Scouter and artist in 2023 ? :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Highly doubt that abyss trials coming out since they just dropped the bridge. Not going to circulate that much mats to the player, more likely they are waiting until kuku before they drop that.

Your on a lot of copium if they arent going to delay Kuku, I find that very hilarious.

Ahahaha okay buddy

where is that from? ahahaha

next class after arcana-> scouter.

there i fixed it for you, this is amazon remember?! they want to suck every last drop out of you, did you also forget the last 2 major patches how those went versus what they said ?? yeah…

I doubt kulu will come until at least September.

This was mentioned in the June-July road map. Challenge abyss is what they call it

July: HM Abyss, Hell Valtan, Arcana, probably mid skins, celebrating summer with summer skins illegal
August: Kuku - yes just Kuku[also i wont be including events as they are standard to be every month]
September: Scouter, Hell Vykas
October: Rowen
November: Reaper, Abrelshud Normal
December: Abrelshud Hard, Tier 3 Tower

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