Premades are destroying the PvP scene

Grandmaster Premades are matching vs solo players, steamrolling them and ruining the PvP scene

I am ex-grandmaster in EUW (for what it’s worth), who has grown sick with the way PvP works in our server.

When individual players queue, and fight against each other, the system is working as intended. Sure, you can get some scary combos like bard + destro, but hey, it’s all part of the randomness, there’s no inherent unfairness in it.

However, the issue comes with premades. Premades and invididual players share a queue, so what usually happens is premades get queued versus individual players.

I don’t know if the system tries to match premades with premades, but we honestly don’t have that many players playing PvP so that premades invariable play against people queueing individually.

So what happens?

Individual queuers get stomped. Every. Single. Time.

How fun is that? I’ve been on the receiving end, and it’s the opposite of fun. I can imagine many players give up PvP when they regularly have to face high-mmr premades.

Just play ranked? Nope, in my server most of the ranked matches happen on Saturday when fever time is up. Outside of that, tough luck finding a match.

What would solve this?

Here’s a few solutions:

  1. Make premades not share queues with individual players (let premades fight other premades all they want)
  2. Disable premade queueing completely
  3. Disable unranked mode, only allow competitive queueing (this would actually also help with the low PvP population problem)

Please make PvP not suck for individual queuers anymore

you really wanna completely kill pvp dont u xD


cant do premade in ranked tho.

And yes u get stomped in non ranked cause u can queue there with a team.

PvP died since they resetted pvp shop

they did introduced penalties in pvp and i heard u can get banned if ppl report u in pvp.

Who would still play pvp at this point lol.

You get no rewards for it pretty much, its just a waste of time.

they should heavily up the rewards

you can get banned just for existing if ppl report you, its nothing new, and its usually the overly toxic ppl that get banned in pvp, why would u not ban ppl who just flame all day lol, its better for their health too

well barely any1 plays pvp at this point, almost always the same name or some ppl just diff char

i mean you still get some weekly rewards for it tho, and you dont even have to play much to maintain like supreme 7 or 8

You can’t do premade in ranked, which is great, but on my server people only play ranked on Saturdays with fever time.

So if you wanna play PvP outside of competitive, you are forced to queue in normal matchmaking, with the possibility of matching against premades of players with very high mmr. All I’m asking is that doesn’t happen anymore. When I queue solo, I don’t wanna play vs 3 players of extremely high skill who are just gonna steamroll our team.

I’ve been on the premade side of things, and it’s just won game after won game, like what is the point? The system encourages abuse by basically saying, if you want wins and PvP points all the time, just make a premade.

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i mean that kinda sounds like an individual issue

you forget that ppl wanna have fun with their friends too
and no game separates the que like you suggest
even more so when the game is like dead

you have the option to either accept it or go premade or just go play ranked for pure solo experience even if you have to wait 20 mins for a q to pop
the option is there

What ? Supreme 7-8 to maintain ? Thats like what, 2-3 hours weekly ?Or more ? Thats a lot.

And to grind there from 0 ? Thats insane.

No thank you.

I wont touch pvp since they resetted pvp shop. That is what killed pvp more than anything.

PvP due to pvp shop when game started had value of like lets say 1000 points.
But now the value of pvp is like 50 points.

And its harder to grind than before. Nobody sane would do it.

i play like 5-10 games a week on euc and im comfortably there lol xD dont have to put in anything extra

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I don’t mind people playing with their friends, but if they make a party they should only play against other parties

yeah that doesnt work even in the most popular games, even tho they try matching premades against premades sometimes it just doesnt happen, and the playerbase is like 100x of lost ark, look at league or valo for example, valo has a stricter que over league in the matter tho but it still happens

now if you try that in lost ark that would just be a disaster with the player ammount

also as far as i know it exist in la too cause many times when i que d up with my friends we went against other 3 ppl premades too, but if there is just not enough ppl obviously its gonna throw every1 together, like how you can match with silver and rank 20 in ranked q